ok cool – [Quin NFN]

The hip-hop community needs to start paying closer attention to Austin, Texas-based emcee Quin NFN, because he has been putting up some massive numbers, and today he is back on our site with his brand new music video for “Ok Cool”. In just about half of a day, Quin NFN has already accumulated over 115,000 views on this video, which are simply ridiculous numbers of any artist to do. I have been following Quin’s career since I met him at SXSW about three years ago, and even though I have loved plenty of his songs since that point, I believe that this new joint is easily my favorite from the man yet! I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I have been playing this video over & over again at maximum volume here at the LLHQ for at least thirty minutes straight, and I’m not going to stop anytime soon, so you might as well join me + smash that play button below.

Directed by Dan2TheL