Ok Cool – [Dizzy Gordo]

There exists no shortage of gems that pop up when scrolling through my SoundCloud feed every day, and today, one of the promising artists that jumps to the spotlight is Dizzy Gordo with his single, “Ok Cool”. Hailing from Maryland, the infectious, melodic nature of his style is what hooked me in right off of the bat. On top of some sparkling Sauce Beats production, Gordo remains at his own pace while communicating immense charisma — a combination that subsequently strengthens the power delivered behind each bar. With this, “Ok Cool” possesses enough replay value to turn into a viral hit with ease, and I’m excited to see what Dizzy Gordo can bring to the table in the future. He has talent and personality to do some big things, so keep an eye out and in the meantime, listen to “Ok Cool” at the link below!