Oil Change – [Trapo]

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again in the future, but Madison, Wisconsin emcee Trapo is one of my favorite new artists and last week he dropped a brand new project titled “Oil Change”. While I have been sending out the thousands of Lyrical Lemonade merchandise orders over the past week I have had this mixtape on repeat in my headphones, and for good reason too, these twelve records provided really impressed & came together for a cohesive listen. Trapo had plenty of highs on this one but a couple of my favorites were the vibrant intro record “The Red Carpet”, as well as the spacey & bar filled cut “Rain Check” due to their ability to create a catchy melody. I have been listening to Trapo’s music for a couple of years now and he was even crashing on my couch at one point last year while visiting Chicago to record music, and let me just say that it has truly been awesome to see his growth as an artist, this new project a huge level up compared to his prior work, which was impressive as well.¬†Stream this brand new tape below and if you like it be sure to give Trapo a follow on Twitter here!