OH NAH OH NAH – [93FEETOFSMOKE] ft. [Kamiyada+]

Music is full of characters, personalities, and an innumerable number of individuals who are unapologetically themselves, and I am forever grateful for the ones who stay true to who they are rather than trying to switch things up in order to follow certain trends or fit into certain borders. I feel like there are certain types of music or subgenres that definitely are better at this than others, and even though it can be hard to describe exactly what kind of music 93FEETOFSMOKE makes due to his sheer skill set and versatility, he never conforms just because that’s what others do.

I’ve become the most familiar with his work on certain tracks with artists like ITSOKTOCRY, Shinigami, LiL Lotus, and Savage Ga$p, among others, but I have been wanting to catch up even more considering I’ve enjoyed these offerings so much, so I was thrilled to see that he dropped a brand-new self/Aaron Osborne-produced track with Kamiyada+ called “OH NAH OH NAH”.

Of course, the music video that was directed by both 93 himself and phvzes is unbelievable as they take a small function and turn it into an all-out rager, but the song became stuck deep in my head from the second my first listen culminated. The instrumental is as lively as possible, but 93 brings the heat per usual, sharing expressive vocals that are clean with the exception of some moments where he intentionally lets them get a bit grittier, something that Kamiyada+ seems to stay consistent with as well throughout his absolutely intoxicating verse.

Once you’re done listening to “OH NAH OH NAH”, you’re going to want to run it back again and then a hundred more times after that, so until I find the stretch where I can listen as many times as possible, I am going to be running this one back every chance I get, and I highly suggest you do the same.