Oh… Love? – [kxllswxtch] & [Lu]

It’s not very often that I go into a newly released song knowing I’m going to instantly love what I hear. No matter how much I admire an artist or enjoy their music, there is always this slight skepticism that lingers in the back of my mind because I am just not entirely sure what to expect after pressing play. When there is a musician that releases tracks that I know I will enjoy before even tuning in, that’s something that I will never cease to show appreciation for because even if I can’t listen immediately, I know I’m in for a treat when I do get the opportunity to check it out, and Lu is the most recent emcee who has this gift.

He can do it all whether that’s singing, rapping, harmonizing, or any other vocal aptitude, and no matter what song he is included in, I know that I’m never going to want to stop listening by any means. When I heard he teamed up with his All But 6 labelmate kxllswxtch for their record “Oh… Love?” a couple of weeks ago, I had literally no idea what I was in for because kxll is known for his overtly aggressive and violent style that can sometimes change to a much softer and more sentimental vibe, and Lu is literally a wildcard who can do it all, so prior to listening, I was keeping my mind open while justifying my high hopes for what was sure to be a wonderful record.

Produced by Rocci and Delmar, this one is such a soothing, sunny offering with a fascinating bassline and a melody that will immediately put you into a cheery mood. Kxll takes over the hooks and the first verse, showing off a falsetto pitch that is definitely not what I was anticipating from the California legend, but it diversifies a persona that fans seemed to expect from him while also showing just how brilliant he is no matter what sound he brings to life.

When Lu comes in for the second verse, his vocals are pitched down as he raps along, but he still utilizes this tuneful, buttery flow that fits over the remarkable production like the last piece of the puzzle. All But 6 seems to be a label that will be known for the versatile and multifaceted artists that are included on the roster, and it’s certainly a collective that I don’t want to miss another offering from moving forward, so make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy “Oh… Love?” ASAP!