Offline – [Tabi]

Several elements of an exciting new artist emerging in the space are the artist’s ability to combine their natural talent into a transmittable message that is not only relatable but a window into themselves. An exciting new voice I’ve recently had the pleasure of hearing is from a burgeoning new artist named Tabi. The singer-songwriter still has a veil of mystery surrounding her artistry but one thing is known, her song-making ability and vocal performance on each record is something truly exciting. 
Her newly released single, “Offline,” is a piano-led serenade that leaves an airy pocket of production to allow for Tabi’s voice to act as the sonic centerpiece of the minute-long production. The soft and elegant ballad is as much a battle cry for the reclusive personalities as it is an angelic reassurance for those needing to simply check-out of the tethered and pressured lifestyle of the digital world. Despite the short-lived moment of “Offline,” in its minute-long composition, Tabi creates an impressionable moment that will leave you reeling from its truth and transparency. Tabi briefly spoke about her new single, saying,
“Offline is super special song to me, especially in the way that it is super stripped-down. I feel like people can relate to the simplicity and lyrics in all different ways and take on their own connotations to help their own struggles.”
Listen to “Offline” by Tabi below.