Off My Chest- [Smokepurpp] ft. [Lil Pump]

Few duos go together quite as well as Smokepurpp and Lil Pump. Their friendship has never been a secret and considering they came up into the spotlight together in some of the most notable glow ups in recent memory, they were somewhat always grouped with one another. Despite this being a few years ago, they’ve both taken their music careers in similar directions but distanced themselves in the public eye just a bit. Although there’s not a single problem between the two best friends, I’m assuming that they just felt like this was a smart move in order to further their individual endeavors. While Purpp has continued to cruise along on the success of Deadstar 2 that came out last year, I haven’t heard much from Pump in a while, but that could be due to my own ignorance or obliviousness.

Either way, their respective silences are over, thankfully, as they have returned with a wild new tag-team effort on their song called “Off My Chest”. Deep, echoing synths, punchy drums, and forceful, hard-hitting percussion create a solid base for the duo to go to work on. As the song begins and builds up to the first hook, a clip of what sounds like a confrontation at a concert of theirs plays in the background, adding some anger and hostility to the track, right off the bat. As Purpp goes in to spit the hook, his delivery is toned down and soft, in an almost whisper-like fashion as if he’s trying to hold himself back from getting angry. This doesn’t last too long, though, because he then begins yelling a few lines later. This is a common occurrence throughout the song, as he switches his demeanor frequently, keeping listeners on their toes. Pump comes in with as much energy as possible, yelling chopped up bars right away before calming up for a few lines, just like his counterpart. Although they’ve come such a long way in their musical journeys, they return to humbler beginnings with regards to their lyrics, flaunting their lifestyles by talking about all the drugs they’re on, driving fast, expensive cars, having a plethora of jewelry, and the prices they charge for a feature, among many other flexes.

An equally energetic, off the wall video pairs with this new single, and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained throughout the entire thing. Opening in a very boring-looking office, the two artists seem to be wasting their days away as they smoke blunts in their cubicle. They’re dressed in desk job-appropriate apparel including button-down shirts and ties, but their multitude of diamond-covered chains remain around their necks and Pump even has a shiny pair of glitter-covered silver pants on. The video of the confrontation at their concert is playing on an old boxy computer as some of their coworkers seem to analyze the clip and look onward at the rappers in disgust. Finally, they’ve had enough of the monotony as they bust into the song, continuing on to trash the office. As the visual plays out, they take phones out of their coworker’s hands and yell at the people on the other end, blow smoke in their faces, and just rip the office apart, creating an all-around hectic scene. About halfway through, a new setting is introduced, as the two artists head outside at night to destroy office equipment with sledgehammers while smoke fills the air and a strobe light illuminates the scene. Although the setting doesn’t change too often during the video, these shots capture just how chaotic and frantic the two talents truly are.

Luckily, it feels as if nothing has changed between this duo over the years. While their lyrical content has never been mind-blowing or overly intricate, their deliveries, wordplay, and overall dynamic when they work together are as powerful as any other pair in the industry. Hints of progression and new style changes are apparent as the song moves along, but at the end of the day, these two always pretty much pick up right where they left off whenever they hit the studio. Supposedly this is the first new single off of Purpp’s upcoming album Florida Jit that actually got pushed back due to unknown reasons, but if the rest of it is anything like this track, Deadstar 2, or a mixture of both, it’ll undoubtedly be worth the wait. Check out the vivacious new song “Off My Chest” by Smokepurpp and Lil Pump as soon as you get the chance.