Off-Beat – [Cruddy Murda]

Washington, DC’s rap scene has been one of the strongest local collections of young artists making a wave on YouTube, forging a new DC culture in a world of gentrification and intense violence in a place that is jam packed with culture and has woven the tapestry of street fashion, lingo, and even music for decades now but tragically has never quite been given the respect or credit that they deserve. However this newest class of rappers is looking to change that and several have already blown up or sit right on the cusp of regional stardom and national relevance and is certainly only a matter of time before the entire country starts paying attention. Cruddy Murda is one of the foremost young artists coming out of DC and his passionate streetwise bars have endeared him to many, from the grimiest characters on DC’s corners to a growing teenage audience whose primary platform to discover new music is YouTube. Cruddy linked with KodyGrace who brought his latest track “Off-Beat” to life with a spectacular visual, capturing the collective energy of Cruddy and his gang in the standard DMV rap video scenes, jumping, dancing, smoking, and altogether having a great time, but this was augmented by Grace’s 3D animation skills which took the visual to new heights of excitement. Cruddy swags this DG10 produced beat with his characteristically off-beat flow as the song’s title suggests and lyrically he comes with the same blunt tales of street-life from the triumphs to tribulations and breaks down his problems that DC’s decidedly lost generation of teenagers can relate to and find solace in their chaotic lives through. Cruddy Murda has been working very, very hard for a long time now and is one of the most unique and popular DMV rappers currently and has managed to do so through prolifically dropping music and never doing anything just for the clout. He certainly has a very bright future and I am looking forward to hearing him keep developing and representing DC as he and his city only get more renowned.