Of Course – [CEO Trayle]

As I get further and further down this rabbit hole that is the music industry, I find myself losing more and more time in terms of listening to some of the hottest acts out. There are just so many underground emcees that steal my attention away from larger artists who are making statements, and while this isn’t something I have a gripe with, it is something that makes me late to the party on various artists.

As far as Atlanta’s very own CEO Trayle, he is someone that I have seen pop up on my newsfeed countless times, and while I thought I wasn’t hip to his music, I realized that I had written about a Lil Gotit song he was featured in a while back, and I can’t believe I wasn’t fully encapsulated by him after hearing his latest offering “Of Course”.

This track is produced by Stribb and is included on his project The Collection as the closing record, and while this is a tape that I definitely need to listen to in its entirety, the music video for this track is definitely more than enough to get plenty of attention. Directed by Never Panic Films, the ATLien finds himself in the Northeast part of the country in New York, as the song suggests, and it seems like no matter what city Trayle travels to, he automatically takes it over for himself.

Here, he hangs out in a modern building counting his stacks of hundred-dollar bills, cruises around in his Rolls Royce through the streets of one of the city’s boroughs, and eventually even hits Times Square in an all-pink outfit, standing out from the rest of the characters in his vicinity. While there is not too much flashiness going on in terms of animations or edits, Trayle doesn’t need these things to enthrall anybody, and if you don’t believe me, watch the visual for his track “Of Course” and try to tell me otherwise.