Ocd – [OGB]

Upcoming NJ-bred and Rare One Records artist OGB has released his second full project of his young career, this one titled Ocd. This project is a seven-track ensemble that contains incredible range and shows his versatility, which should not go unnoticed at the young age of 20.

His catchy and rhythmic flow meshes well with his auto-tune infused vocals, creating an earworm of a track off-the-rip with the first track, “Ocd.” His variability shows however as the project goes on, with tenacious songs such as “Block Hot,” and “Handale,” and more melodic, harmonious joints such as, “To Myself.” This flexibility that he contains can propel his career to limitless heights, as he continues to build his discography and following through his impressive early work.

Be sure to keep an eye out for OGB, as his name and his work continue to spread throughout the hip-hop industry with heat dropping consistently on all of his pages.

Stream Ocd by OGB below!