Occupied – [Dolly Ave] x [Tim Atlas]

“This is a special song because of Tim Atlas’s appearance on the EP. This collaboration is a full-circle story starting from me at fourteen covering one of his songs eleven years prior. Years later we would meet on the set of his music video and work on this track together. “Occupied” is a beautiful portrayal of romantic relationships – detailing those first glimmers of affection and desire. “Occupied” is that fleeting moment when you fall head over heels for a person. You can’t seem to get them off your mind for a second, trapped in a feverish state of butterflies”Dolly Ave

LA based artist Dolly Ave returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an amorous new single entitled “Occupied.” In collaboration with Oakland native and LA based singer/songwriter Tim Atlas, the dreamy record twinkles an assortment of soothing synth patterns and organic guitar melodies. Meshed with Dolly’s mesmerizing vocals, Atlas brilliantly follows suit with rhythmic grace; balletically echoing the lyrics of Ave before delivering his own solo. Sonically the production is mellow, yet noticeable in the best possible way. Overall Ave and Atlas have created a timeless song that will relate to many; especially with Valentines Day approaching. Listen to “Occupied” by Dolly Ave and Tim Atlas below!