Oblivion – [Raé Luna]

When Raé Luna’s “Pass The Water” went viral on TikTok back in March, I finally started to have faith in TikTok’s sacred algorithm. This week the young abstract rapper returns with her debut EP Oblivion – a soulful and introspective collection of tracks perfect for fans of artists like Mavi, Earl Sweatshirt, and Chynna. Though clearly a seasoned poet, Raé’s writing is just as much an asset to Oblivion as the project’s mixes are – synthesizing nostalgic samples with modern production techniques to create a record that is refreshing while also revering those that came before it. EP openers “Fair One” and the previously-mentioned “Pass The Water” bleed blissful soul, and are easily some of the best hip-hop tracks to drop this month. Oblivion’s second single “domepiece.” is dark and meditative, however, with Raé’s carefully-crafted lyrics breaking through the hazy dejection of the track’s beat. The next moment Oblivion’s eponymous track turns listeners on their heads once again with an explosive and victorious banger that is later succeeded by the melodic victory-lap “Moonrocks”. From the EP’s writing to its production, Raé’s attention to detail is so unparalleled that Oblivion sounds like it could have been something made during a TDE or Dreamville writing camp. There are too many high points to name so I’ll let listeners enjoy it themselves – but with more music likely on the horizon, Raé Luna is a must-know name for every hip-hop fan.

Check out Oblivion by Raé Luna below: