Obese – [Eddy Niz]

Fast-rising Tennessee emcee Eddy Niz dropped visuals for this new single “Obese.” I’m glad we’re finally getting some other rappers out of different areas in Tennessee other than from areas like Memphis or Chatanooga. Although I still believe Eddy has a long way to grow and to become more polished and consistent, “Obese” is a solid offering. Eddy is an underrated lyricist as well, no that doesn’t mean you’re going to blow away by him barring you to death. But the Nashville rapper can definitely hold his own and is capable of finding the right pocket so he can ride an instrumental. Video director Armin Smajilovic brings “Obese” to life as he’s able to architect a unique trippy world of fire and brimstone to the music video. Hopefully, this is a sign of bigger things to come from the Eddy Niz camp.

Watch Eddy Niz’s video for “Obese” below! Props to Elevator on the premiere.