Obama- [Blueface] ft. [DaBaby]

Blueface has been one of the most-watched artists in the Rap game and for good reason. Although some of his songs are unimpressive and gimmicky, other tracks are complete bangers that are played on repeat all over the country. His aggressive persona over hyphy West Coast beats bring a freshness to the classic genre and helps him stick out from other artists making similar music. Another notable thing about the West Coast phenom is the fact that he doesn’t seem to be biting anyone’s style, and his own sound is so difficult to imitate that I haven’t personally heard anyone try and create their own renditions.

Although I’m a couple days late to the party, Blueface recruited Charlotte hitmaker DaBaby for yet another single off of his upcoming album Find the Beat called “Obama”. The beat is as unique as Blueface, containing smooth saxophone licks with trap percussion and abrupt but banging 808s. For his verse, Blueface has a toned-down flow full of sexual innuendos and lines about being rich and successful. He brings his signature energy a bit more for the hooks which are pretty attention-grabbing and entertaining. DaBaby, on the other hand, slows his flow up more than we’ve heard in the past, but he still goes crazy over this abnormal beat as he talks about more luxuries he can afford now that he’s rich, as well as not having time for just anyone because people always waste his time when he could be doing something more productive.

Although the title of this track suggests that Obama would be a common theme throughout, he’s really only mentioned basically once in the hook as they play with words regarding Donald Trump as well. Once I heard the saxophones right off the bat, I wasn’t sure what I could expect, but when the percussion came in, the dynamic of the song changed and it was actually extremely appealing to me. It seems as if all the singles that Blueface has dropped for his upcoming project have their own individual vibes, so I’m definitely interested to hear the overall dynamic of the project when it does eventually release. I can’t imagine he’ll be dropping too many more singles from the album in order to keep some secrecy behind it, so “Obama” might be the last we hear from Blueface before a fully cohesive tape is in front of us, so check it out and see for yourself.

Words by Danny Adams