NYCc3 Sets The Tone With His Recent Project ‘4 The Culture’

The best part about being a music journalist from New York is discovering new artists from different boroughs. NYCc3 is an artist from East-Flatbush who recently landed on my radar. While he is still creating a name for himself in the game, his experiences in life make him a unique gem. During his high school years, English class helped to sharpen his penmanship when he started writing music. Throughout his childhood, Hov influenced his artistry, along with Nas, Outcast, Common, Smith, and Wesson.

His latest project titled ‘4 The Culture’ shows how much potential the promising artist has. The 7 tracklist takes a deep dive into his life and some of the hardships he faced. I appreciated his vicious wordplay and passionate flow. On each track, you can feel the emotions pouring out of his voice.

“This record is special because I spoke about something I experienced recently right around the time the pandemic hit. From picking up different hustles to set certain goals to take care of the family in the near future. I spoke in third person but also spoke from a general point of view,” He explained.”I already felt like I was the man so I took it and turned it into an anthem. I produced it originally but it wasn’t knocking properly. It was missing something so I called my brother Wiillrich aka “TheHiphopJunkie” for some assistance of course he came through in the clutch. This song is actually the first song we produced together so I took this one to heart for real. shout out to my engineer as well as preach gold for always making sure I stayed on point with production, and vocals, and making sure everything was clean.

NYCc3 hopes that his music helps anyone that might be going through troubling times in their life.

This year we can expect another project, producing for other artists, more media runs, shows, and sync placements. You can also expect some new looks from his clothing brand called SomeWhereInTheSky.

4 The Culture is now available on Youtube. You can listen to his project below.