NWG Suave shifts his talents from the field to the studio, with latest release “Tellin’ Lies.”

NWG Suave, also known as Damon Arnette, has undeniably demonstrated his versatility and talent with his latest release, “Tellin’ Lies.” The transition from being a former NFL first-round draft pick to a thriving hip-hop artist is nothing short of impressive. I remember during my time playing college football, I was obsessed with finding and studying the best defenders in the country, and at Ohio State, Damon was one of them.

Raised in Florida’s Broward County and later in Dallas, Texas, Suave’s love for music shines through in the raw emotions conveyed in this heavy-hitting track. “Tellin’ Lies” delves into profound themes of struggle and toxic relationships, showcasing Suave’s lyrical abilities in vividly depicting the pain he’s experienced. The song’s powerful lyricism coupled with his skillful delivery makes it an emotionally charged anthem that resonates with listeners. Suave’s willingness to open up about his past trials and tribulations adds a genuine authenticity to the track, further solidifying his place in the industry.

The accompanying music video for “Tellin’ Lies” is a masterful portrayal of Suave’s journey through life’s challenges. Set in a courtroom, the visuals serve as a poignant reminder of the trials he’s faced, and through clever storytelling, Suave reflects on his past while reclaiming his future. The music video effectively complements the song’s message, enhancing the overall impact of the track.

With “Tellin’ Lies,” Suave (aka Rico) cements his name in hip-hop, proving that his talent is indeed well worth the hype. His background as a former professional athlete adds a unique dimension to his journey, showcasing his determination to succeed in different arenas. Suave’s growth as an artist is evident from his consistent releases, which have garnered a dedicated fanbase and solid streaming numbers. As he continues to evolve and share his authentic experiences, NWG Suave proves that he was born to be a star, regardless of his chosen path.

Check out “Tellin’ Lies” on YouTube below!