Numb – [Vela Seff]

As with many other things in the world, learning about something that’s new and admirable to you means you start small and branch out from there. While this might be a strange way to start an article, I feel like this is how I felt as I grew as a rap fan and as a member of the music industry. I guess I started out with as broad of a category as possible, listening to mainstream emcees that I quickly got bored of because it all just sounded too fabricated, so it didn’t take long for me to look elsewhere.

When I did, I discovered that the local hip-hop scene was full of the most diverse and intriguing artists in the entire world, so this is where my sonic journey truly began. As I explored, I came across BIGBODYFIJI, an absolute legend in Chicago, and along with him came an entire group of characters who were making music so much differently than anyone else I had ever heard. Vela Seff was a name that kept popping up at one point or another, and as I started tapping in with him as well, I realized that he is just having fun with his creative process.

This led to all-out hits that could be heard on speakers across the Windy City, and even though this was probably over a half-decade ago, he is still on his grind while sticking to his own unique process, so I think it is just unacceptable to let him go unappreciated, especially with a song like the Kilt Karter-produced “Numb”.

The beat is playful but hard-hitting, and Vela does his thing with a nonchalant, half-whispered delivery that is mischievous and bouncy while still showcasing his natural spitting skills. He even goes crazy all over the city with his homies in the JTG.MP4 and J4VISION-shot music video, so make sure you tap in with the local icon’s latest release as soon as you can!