Nuclear Winter – [do not resurrect] & [Ak3k]

A couple of years ago, I was into entirely different styles of music, and even if I haven’t been listening to certain artists as religiously as I used to, there are specific talents that I always tap in with whenever they drop something new. Artists like Night Lovell, $uicideboy$, Bones, and others were emcees that I was bumping regularly, whether I was at the gym, in the car, or at home alone in my room, and although I still love the music that these trendsetters have created over the years, I just feel like I haven’t been as regular of a listener as I once was.

Nonetheless, thanks to my admiration for them, I found out about an insanely talented rapper by the name of do not resurrect a couple of years back when he was just hitting the scene, and from the moment I heard even just one of his songs, I was immediately a fan. I thought that the aforementioned talents brought out this demonic, underworld-inspired sound within their music, but it wasn’t until I tapped in with DNR’s music that I truly felt like I was transported straight to the depths of Hell in the best possible way.

I know it’s a strange way to describe someone’s music, so if you don’t quite understand how anyone could enjoy this type of sound, you need to check out do not resurrect and Ak3k’s latest track “Nuclear Winter” in order to understand my admiration once and for all. The instrumental features some haunting keys with pounding drums and eerie percussion that sets a slightly slower tempo than I’m used to hearing in DNR’s songs, but I welcomed it because I knew it would bring out the best in him yet again. Ak3k kicks things off with his raspy, devilish flow that is consistent and playfully diabolical, rattling through lines that would have the Devil himself shaking in his boots. From there, do not resurrect takes things over, bringing things to even murkier depths as he peppers the production with piercing bars and a ghostly delivery.

I know I have heavily talked about the demonic, dark nature of this song as well as other records from DNR, but one thing that I could never let go unsaid is his pure skill as an emcee. He and Ak3k both rifle through intricate cadences and masterful flows that would have even the most seasoned veterans stumbling over their words, but these two talents seem to pull this off with ease, showing that their artistry goes so much deeper than the murky surface that they begin with. I know I might be a week or two late to “Nuclear Winter”, but do not resurrect and Ak3k both prove that they’re here to make a major impact on this record, making it something you can’t miss out on for any longer.