Nowhere To Run EP – [Amira Jazeera] & [Papi Beatz]

Chicago artist Amira Jazeera has made an appearance on the Lyrical Lemonade platform a handful of times now and has even been featured on our Lemonade Stand series in February of 2021. Since her interview, she has put in tons of hours perfecting her craft, working on her sound, and overall finding herself as an artist.  Dropping music is all about timing, and when the time is right, you just feel it. That being said, starting 2022 off on a great note, Amira is back and ready to show the world just how much work she’s been putting into her craft and the results of it. Today, she is back with a brand new Single EP, titled Nowhere To Run, alongside Papi Beatz.

Showcasing multiple genres and musical styles in her music, Amira Jazeera takes her artistry to another level on her latest offering. In an Instagram post, Amira stated that “’Nowhere To Run’ is the process of breaking up with the one that you truly love. A feeling a lot of us have gone through”. While the subject matter of the song may be on the more sad side, the instrumentation is where this record gains a lot of its shine, as it is upbeat and makes you want to groove. Papi Beatz, most known for his production credits with Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, and most recently on Saba’s new album Few Good Things, lends his talents here as he handled the production and the live guitar. The EP also provides an acapella version of the song, an instrumental, as well as a club mix provided by Stefan Ponce.

Rest assured, Amira is back and better than ever, and ready to really show the world exactly what she’s capable of.

Stream Amira Jazeera & Papi Beatz’s new song “Nowhere To Run” below!