NOW + LATER – [Kye Colors] x [Deante Hitchcock] x [Tonye Ayeba]

“NOW + LATER” is the most recent single release from KC, Missouri artist Kye Colors, and for fans of music that makes you FEEL, this is one for y’all.

I’ve got to start with a shoutout to the producers Natra Average and Pitt the Kidd, as this beat was the first thing that enveloped me in the track. Light keys, faded vocal samples, and a prominent bass made this joint a hit before anyone stepped onto it, though when Kye and co. did, they killed it.

The track opens with an introspective verse from Kye that glides effortlessly over the beat, drawing in the listener for the 3-minute track’s entirety. I knew I’d love this piece as soon as I heard the first couple of bars. A name that’s becoming more and more familiar in the RnB scene, Deante Hitchcock, matches verse one with an equally impressive and easy-listening second verse, which after hearing his work consistently this last year, was unsurprising to hear. The two laid a flawless foundation for the track that could only be improved by the vocals of Tonye Ayeba, who adds their vocal prowess on the hook to make this track feel complete. The different layers and levels of this joint are amazing, as all three artists provide their own value in distinctive ways.

Ahead of his upcoming EP COLORMAN: YELLOW, this joint is a perfect preview to get an audience excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned, because if the project is anything like this, there’s a lot to look forward to. This track is one I immediately saved to the library. See if you’ll feel the same, on Spotify below!