Notice Me – [DC the Don]

While I always appreciate artists carving their own path and doing their own thing, individuality and diversity are always two traits I admire most about certain talents. One of these musicians is DC the Don, an LA-based creative who has been taking genres and mashing them together flawlessly over the past few years, and fans have been as supportive as it gets ever since. Most recently, the rising star decided to expand upon his continuous hot streak with his song “Notice Me” which is produced by Artillery, Trademark, and LouieOTK, and while I think the song is one of his best yet, I definitely wanted to focus on the SevenEight-directed music video for this particular article.

As it opens up, DC lets someone who seems to be his manager in the side of a building before taking us to the green room of this place where he and his friends get ready. As they hang out, gamble a little, and smoke their weed, they prep themselves for the events ahead. While I wasn’t sure what was about to come next, they head out to the floor where they shoot a music video within a music video, bringing a cross between a boy band performance and a talent show to life while also showing us a bit of the behind-the-scenes footage as well.

Finally, DC and his crew head back to their home on a beautiful day, and after his manager seems to go take a nap, he and his friends have themselves a day in the backyard around the pool, showing us that even with a Rockstar lifestyle, he makes time for himself to kick back and relax. Aside from the visual, this record truly shows off DC’s impeccable range, allowing him to raise and lower his pitch as well as his dexterity on a very unique instrumental as well. The track, combined with the awesome visual, make “Notice Me” a real one-two punch that you’re going to want to listen to sooner rather than later.