Nothing Else To Prove – [55Bagz]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, an artist by the name of 55Bagz is here to impress with his brand new, Julian B-produced single, “Nothing Else To Prove”. Set to the cutting lyrics of deep struggle and inner pain, Bagz shows us the elements of his life that he struggles with every day. He copes with the power of his music, and with “Nothing Else To Prove” as a direct example, Bagz is able to do so with a keen eye for the power of his words as well a polished array of flows. Aside from this, the hypnotic production on this track is sure to push all of this struggle to the next level, acting as the fitting environment to drop such heavy topics on without breaking the feeling. That being said, the latest from 55Bagz is proof that he’s ready to be the next big thing, so be sure to get hip and give “Nothing Else To Prove” a listen below!