A few weeks back, listening to the ninth episode of OVO Sound Radio this season, I came across the premiere of an unreleased track called “OVER” from Philly artist Cove. I immediately started digging around to learn more, and found myself completely enthralled in the world of Cove and the Philly-based collective he helps lead, NÜÜNEPTUNE. While “OVER” remains unreleased (although you can here the full song at 1:34:40 in the OVO Sound Radio mix), Cove is here to engage new listeners today with a SoundCloud-released single, “NOTAVAILABLE!,” produced by fellow NÜÜNEPTUNE member Yuso.

Landing at just under three minutes in length, “NOTAVAILABLE!” is a darkly-melodic release, built around head-smacking punches of bass and the endlessly catchy tagline, “Call you when I’m on my way up, way up, way up...” Cove’s lyrics, for lack of a better description, fill in the details of an almost lifestyle-based artistry, where songwriting builds the world around the artist with each and every line, and is accented by high-flying hooks, evocative production, and a certain Philly-tinted grit that make Cove and the entire NÜÜNEPTUNE collective so exciting.

Quite clearly, there’s something deeply exciting happening under the surface in Philly right now, and “NOTAVAILABLE!” is an engaging step into this world. Check out the new track below, and if you haven’t already, peep the track premiered on OVO Sound Radio here! By all counts, Cove seems to be onto something special.