Not Ur Type – [SpaceMan Zack]

While there are many different reasons behind why certain artists make music, I feel like when there is true emotion behind each song, whether that’s pain or joy, that’s when you not only get the best results, but that’s also when listeners truly get a sneak peek at who the artist truly is, and not just some persona they’re trying to force on you. For Dallas native SpaceMan Zack, he has this way of fully revealing himself throughout every song he drops, and he usually does so through a mashup of various different genres that definitely give us even more insight as to who he is, his background, and the sounds that shaped him as a person from childhood all the way up until now.

Most recently, Zack decided to bring some much-welcomed nostalgia back into our lives with his first fully punk/hardcore single entitled “Not Ur Type”. Recruiting Lord Bile to help out with the instrumental, we’re greeted with heavy electric guitar chords from the minute you press play that is eventually met with a full-on drum performance that is unforgettable, to say the least. While the guitar is lively and full of angst, there is this somber quality behind the notes being played that seems to couple with Zack’s narrative ever so perfectly.

As he sings, autotune cloaks his vocals just enough to contribute a bit of complexity to his voice without masking his truly remarkable talent of singing which is a very fine line that many artists struggle with when using this vocal effect. While his emotions are clearly leading his delivery throughout the entire track, it isn’t until the hook that he completely unleashes his full potential as he allows himself to go off the rails and belt out every single note, something you’ll find yourself doing right along with him after just a few listens.

In the grand scheme of things, Zack is somewhat new to my sonic radar, yet he has amassed quite a following over the past couple of years. I know this style of music isn’t typically one you’d expect to find on Lyrical Lemonade, but we just love promoting good music, so I simply couldn’t resist. It just takes me back to the days I spent in middle school where I attempted to skateboard with little to no success, hung out with my friends after school, and had little to worry about despite the fact that we always thought things were much bigger deals than they actually turned out to be. Whether you were in the same position I was almost a decade and a half ago when this style of music was popular or not, “Not Ur Type” is sure to bring some sort of nostalgia to you one way or another, so make sure you check it out below.