Not the Same – [Lil Gnar] ft. [Lil Skies]

Lil Gnar is an absolute legend in the Rap game despite the fact that he’s only been recording for a couple of years, yet you wouldn’t be able to tell from tuning in to any of the songs in his catalog. Along with Gnar comes his close friend and frequent collaborator Lil Skies who has been absolutely tearing it up in the industry lately, so these two just seem like they can’t miss even if they wanted to. Most recently, the duo teamed up for an unbelievable offering entitled “Not the Same”, and although it shouldn’t come as a surprise even slightly, it’s a hit and a half, to say the least.

Opening up with the insane instrumental created by Jordan Fox and Clint Ford, there is a mixture of strings and flutes of some sort that are perfectly juxtaposed by pungent drums and even more crispy hats and claps that create an amazing trap-influenced beat that Gnar and Skies absolutely destroy. As Gnar comes in for the hook, his lines are kept simplistic yet intricate enough to stand out in your head and trust me, each flow is so catchy that you’ll be able to memorize the lyrics after just a few listens.

Getting into his verse, though, he completely switches up his cadences and even changes his enthusiasm, showing off even more personality along with some even more animated ad-libs that tie everything together wonderfully. Finally, when we arrive at Skies’ verse, he begins with a very low, stern tone of voice that is slowly but surely elevated to a very captivating, energetic delivery that has been taking Skies to the top ever since he took the music scene by storm, yet he keeps things slightly tame compared to some of his other songs when looking at the grand scheme of things.

As far as the accompanying music video is concerned, the duo recruited Highdeas to direct this flick, and they did an absolutely remarkable job of bringing this single to life. It’s no secret that these two talents are known for showing off their copious amounts of designer goods and diamond-studded jewelry with this visual being no different, yet they rotate between a variety of settings that change things up constantly and keep you entertained throughout the entire video. Aside from this, there is a constant theme of animated butterflies of all different sizes and colors that take over the different scenes, and while I’m not positive, I believe this could possibly be because one of the most recent Gnarcotic clothing drops had a butterfly theme as well.

While I had been following Lil Gnar’s skate and clothing careers prior to his entrance into the rap game, it seems like everything he touches turns to gold and he dives into every venture he gets into head-first in order to ensure success every step of the way. What’s even crazier is the fact that he is able to keep up with all of these different undertakings as they continue to grow, proving that he’s not just a skater, designer, and rapper, but a business mogul and an empire all in one. Whether you’re a fan of Gnar’s music, clothes, skateboarding, or all of the above (as you should be), there’s no denying his work ethic, so that’s inspirational, in my opinion, in and of itself. Regardless, make sure you tune into his most recent song featuring Lil Skies entitled “Not the Same” as soon as you possibly can.