Not Playin – [Valee]

I’m so glad that Valee is from Chicago because he’s yet another one of the countless examples of different types of hip-hop music coming out of the city. Sometimes his demeanor is so beyond calm that it almost sounds like he’s talking in his sleep, and the way he flexes his wealth and popularity in such a nonchalant way is unlike anyone else in the industry, big or small. Although it sometimes seems like his songs could sound very similar at times, I personally never get tired of his style and I never turn off a track disappointed.

“Not Playin” is his most recent offering for fans, and it fits his aforementioned characteristics perfectly. Fellow Chicago legend Plu2o Nash does what he does best, bringing new sounds to an artist to see how they can adapt. He does it this time with some completely different instruments that sound almost like a chopped up and sampled video game, as well as some more familiar percussion to bring everything full circle. Valee utilizes his typical relaxed, toned down attitude to introduce a variety of new humble brags to his listeners, as well as overly annunciating some of his lyrics in order to fit the tempo of the track. Although it’s only one line, the first bar of the hook is actually sung by the man himself using some filtered vocal effects, and it’s nothing short of incredible to hear something like that from someone like Valee.

The video is also very similar to a lot of his others, keeping it short and sweet in order to appease his listeners. It looks like he’s in some sort of parking lot outside of a warehouse with a couple semi-trucks at night. The only lighting that can be noted is most likely from a single parking lot light that lets off a yellowish hue as Valee casually raps his lyrics around and on top of the semis.

If for some strange reason you aren’t a fan of Valee, this song and visual most likely won’t change your opinion. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the Chicago icon as you should be, you’ll be beyond pleased with his latest offering. Check out the song and video for “Not Playin” below.

Words by Danny Adams