not ok – [Peach Tree Rascals]

Rising LA-based collective Peach Tree Rascals continue to establish themselves as a group with distinguishable talent on their latest single, “not ok”. The multi-faceted band continue with the more somber tone set by their previous single, “Things Won’t Go My Way”, with more reflective songwriting combined with downcast trap production on “not ok”.

Inspired by a desire to escape reality for a moment, PTR craft a trippy and atmospheric sound to match this emotion integrating alternative and hip-hop production elements to fit the vibe. The versatility of the group’s members also shines through especially well on this song, with equally strong vocal and rap performances that all align with the common escapist theme. Listen to “not ok” below and hear from PTR themselves in our exclusive Q&A below:

This song’s tone is more somber than your other recent releases. What are some experiences that inspired it?

We were inspired to write this song about that feeling of hopelessness you have when you’re stuck in your own thoughts / feelings and feel like there’s no out. We’ve for sure all been there before, especially in times like these where many of us feel alone and separated from those we love. I’ve struggled with depression in the past and I feel like this song best exemplifies many of the thoughts that have gone through my head. I think more than anything, we just want people to know that it’s okay to talk about these experiences and to create art that allows you to feel something bigger than yourself. – Tarrek

Who are some artists that have influenced you all as a group?

We love artists that have carved out their own path. Some people we really admire include Rex Orange County, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, etc. – Jorge 

What’s the creative process like? Do you all write songs collaboratively or do you sort of work individually and then bring it together?

Our writing process is very collaborative. Usually, one of us comes to Dom with an idea – a melody or a rap or concept, and he creates the production around it and ties everything together to feel like the Peach Tree sound. At the end of the day, each of us always contribute something to the song, but Dom always gets the final say. – Issac

How do you feel like you all have grown as a group over the past year?

I think just in general opportunity wise building out a team, getting more press, and getting our music to a wider audience has allowed us to gain more experiences that we haven’t had before. From flying to NYC to meet with labels, which was all new to us – or signing with a manager, all of those steps were things in the right direction we felt like were critical in our growth. We’re very grateful for all of the experiences we’ve had to date so far and are eager to continue growing and working hard. – Joseph 

Ideally, what does the post-pandemic future have in store for Peach Tree Rascals?

TOUR! We are so eager to get on the road to meet fans. We’ve had to push our tour quite a few times now and it makes us so sad. We’ve been rehearsing for quite some time and are proud of the progress we’ve made. We’ll be on the road soon enough. – Dom