Not for Sale! – [FRITOGANG]

There have been countless times I have come on this site and given flowers to the incredible things that have emerged from my home state of Texas. Artists from every walk of life are creating a variety of sounds and genres that continue to prove to the world that their sound is something to pay attention to. To no surprise, the San Antonio based collective FRITOGANG continues to reinforce a narrative that locals have known for years; Texas has got it.

FRITOGANG’s newly released Not for Sale! EP is a sprawling display of the group’s individual ability and collective strengths. Comprised of stirring raps, quotable hooks and jaw-dropping vocal performances the Alamo City collective appears to be finding their stride. Songs like the EP’s opener, “Need” and “Double Date” find the group capturing rowdy electric energy filled with pounding bass while more down-tempo lusty cuts like “Work” and “Body” showcase the true range of this group’s talents. Their ability to deliver a variety of textures and moods, that straddles the fine line between Hip Hop and R&B, within such a concise EP doesn’t only make for an exceptionally enjoyable listening experience but furthers the argument that FRITOGANG is by no means a fly-by-night act. Keep tabs on FRITOGANG because if this new EP proves anything it’s that the best is yet to come. 

Listen to the Not for Sale! EP by FRITOGANG below.