not a home – [Pardyalone]

Minnesota might be known for cold weather, their Juicy Lucy burger, and countless lakes amongst other things, but they’re not really known for their booming music scene. While it’s obvious that there are several famous artists from the northern state, one person who is new to my radar is Pardyalone, and I can tell that he’s here to shake things up and let people know that the Land of 10,000 Lakes is about to be known as the Land of 100,000 hits.

Since I just found out about him, I obviously don’t have a ton of experience with his previously released music, but I can tell from his brand-new song “not a home” that he really does put his all into his music and he’s here for the long haul, not just for a brief moment in the spotlight. Although he might have tattoos all over, including his face, colored hair, and the look of a very intense, wild artist, this single proves the complete opposite, and I was as pleasantly surprised as I have ever been.

The instrumental is calm and soothing, and while it could easily be taken in the direction of an optimistic, perseverant track, Pardy decides to really get some stuff off of his chest, singing certain lines with such emotion and passion that you can’t help but feel for him. While he calmly sings, the sentiment is there, but there are certain portions where he really digs deep and shows us every last bit of his soul, belting out notes that might not be perfect from a classically trained vocal instructor, but they’re perfect for this record itself.

Alongside the track comes an absolutely unbelievable music video directed by Nicholas Jandora, and even though that’s definitely something you need to peep asap, this song itself is an absolutely essential listen for everyone, whether you’re already tapped in with the 22-year-old musician known as Pardyalone or not.