Not A Fan – [The Chess Club]

One feature of music that always seems to connect with listeners is when you can tell the artists are genuinely having a good time on the mic and not taking themselves too seriously. This is exactly the appeal at hand with The Chess Club’s relentlessly fun new offering, “Not A Fan”. Bright as can be in its instrumental, this candidly honest offering presents the life of an everyday man in a way that any and every kind of listener can appreciate. It feels like the audio version of a warm summer day, and by keeping it light and taking the time to laugh at itself, the lyrics of “Not A Fan” are the perfect cherry on top to the infectious, soulful production.

With this, The Chess Club — comprised of Abhi The Nomad, Simon Jefferis, and Natty Reeves — is certainly an act to keep an eye out for, so check out their new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!