Norwich – [Lucca Dohr]

The alternative style of Lucca Dohr follows up his breakout single releases with a newly delivered two-pack of songs that further introduce listeners into his brand of indie alternative. His newly released pack, collectively titled, Norwich, is comprised of two tracks, “Alexa” and “Loosh98.” The first of the two, “Alexa,” is comprised of thumping guitar chords and Dohr’s metallic vocals that provide a dream-like environment for the song’s ballad-like chorus. The song ends with several seconds of silence that builds undeniable suspense for the calm follow-up, “Loosh98.” Despite the song’s clear separation as two separate tracks, both songs sound eerily similar, not so much in composition, but more so in their relation to one another. This flow allows the transition and overall execution of the two-pack to progress seamlessly. There is no question that Lucca Dohr is taking an exciting step forward that warrants your attention.  

Listen to the new two-pack release from Lucca Dohr below.