Norf Pole – [Impact RH]

One of the reasons that I prefer rap to many other genres is that the spoken word element helps provide for a huge emphasis on description and it is that illustrative nature that helps rappers paint vivid portraits of whatever they are speaking on. In the case of Impact RH this is particularly intriguing, considering that he hails from Las Vegas, NV, a town not always thought of for their natives. His new album Norf Pole is a testament to the area of town he grew up in and this project details all of the scintillating, sensual elements of this area, as well as the more laid-back and happy-go-lucky aspects of a city fueled by hedonism. The production all comes in-house from his Real Hits team and the project sees several guest verses from Big Homie Stone, BCrafty, Jayy, and Elevin. Take a trip into Impact RH’s world at the link below.