Noise – [Dolly Ave] x [Daniel Laner]

Dolly Ave is a Vietnamese-American singer-songwriter based out of LA. Her artistry frequently covers intimate topics over soundscapes that weave between pop, R&B, soul and electronic music. Outside of music, Dolly Ave impressively is also an award-winning photographer who has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Migos. Following her debut release with the expressive single “Birds” (2018), Dolly is preparing to release her first full length EP titled SLEEP. Written towards the end of 2019, the project intersects elements of pop, R&B and bedroom vulnerability; all of which culminate the ebb and flow of a relationship. The record was specifically created shortly after a break-up with Ave searching for closure amid the recording process. Interestingly enough, however, Dolly has made herself clear that the EP is not a heartbreak album. In her own words, Dolly has described SLEEP as: “Finding empowerment in the vulnerability of each stage.”

Fast forward to October, Dolly Ave has released the lead single off SLEEP titled  “Noise,” which contains spacey synth-filled production from Daniel Laner. Remarkably penned “in five minutes” during a spontaneous studio session with a friend of hers, “Noise” serves as the crowning capstone with time-earned wisdom to match. To me, Dolly Ave is a special artist because her sound is largely incomparable to anyone else; Dolly’s atmospheric, dreamy vocals and ease of pitch variability allows her to flow along a variety of high-quality production. If there’s any artist reference for Dolly Ave, picture the immensely talented 070 Shake, but much more delicate lyrics. Fascinatingly, I can envision this song of Ave’s on the soundtrack of a stunning sci-fi film or TV show, which further speaks to the versatility of her work. Speaking of sc-fi, “Noise” is coupled with an eccentric, yet beautifully directed Darren Bui visual which you can watch below!