Nobody’s Perfect – [Derek Minor]

Derek Minor’s latest offering, “Nobody’s Perfect,” proves that good music reigns king. Great music is great music, and the music scene in Nashville would agree. I’ve listened to a minimal amount of gospel rap music (shoutout my college roommate Ty Brooks) in my recent years, but Derek’s music brings a whole new feel to the subgenre. With this 10-track LP released under the Reflection Music Group / EMPIRE MVP label, Minor once again showcases his creative skills while seamlessly infusing his Christian beliefs into a highly relatable and accessible form. This project serves as a showcase of the multifaceted emcee’s talent, which I wasn’t hip to til this release.

A testament to Derek’s popularity, the album garnered an impressive 3500 presaves prior to its release, generating significant anticipation among fans. His performance at the Smoke Conference, where he enthralled over 1,000 attendees, only added to the buzz surrounding this project. Now, “Nobody’s Perfect” has made its way into the world and is ready for consumption, making a notable mark by securing a spot on the Top 10 Apple Music Chart.

The album’s production quality is top-notch, as well as Minor’s selection in features. Across its 32-minute runtime, the LP delves into various themes, with a particular focus on mental health. You can feel Minor’s passion with every track in a blend of articulate lyricism and energetic beats, attracting a variety of listeners who appreciate the artistry, the message, and/or both.

Among the standout tracks are “More OTW” and “Third Day,” which pay homage to Derek Minor’s journey as both a recording artist and entrepreneur. These tracks serve as a testament to his hard work and growth over the years, while songs like “Scars” and “It’s Okay” delve into the inner struggles that many have grappled with following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In “Nobody’s Perfect,” Derek Minor has created a musical masterpiece that offers listeners a meaningful and relatable experience, in combination with phenomenal artistry. The streaming numbers on this joint are already crazy, and they speak for Minor’s impressive work in multiple facets. Check it out below!