NOBODY CARES – [Dave Coresh]

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but, fu** it. It doesn’t matter, no one cares as much as you, leave it, fuc**** forget it, we off that and stop giving a fu** so much. I wrote this as a theme song to this feeling” – Dave Coresh

LA based artist Dave Coresh recently released his excitedly nonchalant single “NOBODY CARES.” Co-produced by Coresh and SNAKECHILD, the song takes on an epic punk rap persona. Having thrown numerous punk shows in LA for the past few years, Dave is now ready to release a plethora of music to jumpstart to his artist career. Moreover, having just played a sold out show with new collective NO FUN LA, his base audience should mesh nicely with future listeners. I’m particularly impressed by the clever and/or unique message behind the track, which is also reflected sonically throughout the non-traditional record. To Dave Coresh, accepting that nobody cares is a form of self-improvement. At the end of the day, your own contentment and attitude is the most important. Have a listen below!