No Yappp – [Skiii Mask Rich]

I’ve really been trying to dive into different subgenres of rap recently. I’m not really a big west coast rap fan as I feel like it’s some of the most niche subgenres of rap there is. However, Skiii Mask Rich’s single “No Yappp” was submitted to me via email and I walked away thoroughly impressed with what I heard. No this isn’t a record you’re gonna hear on the radio or this won’t be an anthem but this is simply just a good solid rap record. One of the things that drew me towards this single is Skiii Mask Rich’s flow was smooth and easy for me to digest. The production on this record is also beautiful, I’m unfamiliar with the sample they ended up using but it really brings the whole track together. I’ll have to spend some time with the rest of his discography but based on this one song I’m excepted to dive deeper into Skiii’s catalog.

Stream Skiii Mask Rich’s single “No Yappp” for yourself after the break.