No Volume – [1504 MuteBaby]

Perhaps more than any other neighborhood across the south, perhaps with the exception of South Memphis, East Atlanta is more synonymous with hip-hop culture than any other area boasting both many modern mainstream and underground mainstays, not to mention many of the undeniable originators of ‘trap music’ both in its origins and more modern sense. 1504 MuteBaby has been a name buzzing in the city’s underground for some time, building his name off of snippets and oftentimes hastily shot videos but lately has clearly been taking a much more serious approach to his music and it shows with his latest output. His new mixtape NO VOLUME is without a doubt my favorite project from MuteBaby thus far and it features a host of notable young Atlanta talent that is poised to take the city’s reins and lead the next generation through this current decade and beyond. MuteBaby has an easily identifiable and often-copied flow where he unloads staccato, machine-gun like bars out over rapid, bass-heavy instrumentals and with every new release it is becoming more and more polished. The mixtape clocks in at seventeen tracks and is a fantastic introduction to one of Atlanta’s most exciting young talents if you are not already familiar with 1504 MuteBaby.