No Type Way – [Donald Grunge]

The Massachusetts music scene is something that is definitely appreciated on the East coast, but it has somehow yet to reach other parts of the country depending on the artist you’re talking about. This region just oozes with talent and personality, but considering it might not necessarily be known as a mainstay in music just yet, I feel like it flies way more under the radar than it ever should.

Nonetheless, I am definitely a fan of most of the artists I’ve gotten the chance to familiarize myself with, and one up-and-comer who has impressed me time and time again is Donald Grunge. Donald is someone who not only boasts one of the most captivating personas in the entire music business, but it just seems like he’s someone who stays true to himself and doesn’t try to be someone he’s not, so this authenticity is able to shine in every single record he puts out.

2021 was huge for the Chelsea native thanks to the release of his album In Gleem I Trust which featured 11 solo tracks that spanned right around 26 minutes long, but he didn’t waste a single second in 2022 before getting the year started off on a high note thanks to his latest release “No Type Way”, a drop that was put out in order to celebrate his birthday yesterday. Produced by Broke Chic, this record features angelic, ambient synth melodies combined with punchy 808s and crisp, serene hats, claps, and bells that come together for an R&B-inspired sound that gives Donald the opportunity to show off even more versatility than ever before.

We have heard some more melodic offerings from him in the past, but this one truly allows him to stretch his complex talents and show off his voice that might feature a bit of autotune, but it doesn’t take away from his natural abilities even slightly. This song turned out to be one of my favorites in general from Donald, and the Lucas Barberio-shot music video brings it to new levels without a doubt. So, make sure to say happy belated birthday to Donald by checking out his latest release entitled “No Type Way” as soon as you possibly can.