no sense – [Baby Keem]

Just a few weeks ago, Baby Keem blessed the music world once again with the release of his single “no sense”. While Keem might be slightly elusive and mysterious with every move he makes in the industry, it’s clear that he has an insanely connected network whether that’s because he’s cousins with Kendrick Lamar or he just has a way of finding the right people for the right job. Nonetheless, he has continued to progress into one of my favorite artists in the new generation of music, and he’s just getting started.

Although I wrote about the song itself when it first released, I can’t let any Keem release go by the wayside, so when I saw that he teamed up with director Savannah Setten and his pgLang collective for a new music video, I couldn’t resist checking it out. I also couldn’t resist because his visuals have been as artistic and thought-provoking as anyone I can think of even back when he was on the come-up, so they’re completely mandatory watches if I have anything to say about it.

This one opens up in a pretty monochromatic almost dystopian-looking city as the camera slowly pans in on a window where Keem is overlooking the courtyard in between the buildings. Eventually, an absolute horde of people storms the streets in a very hasty, unorganized manner before we’re taken back to the confines of the room that Keem seems to be stuck in. After the camera shows his eyes moving frantically, it turns out he’s not alone as he watches a group of women play dominos in such a hurry that it appears to be fast-forwarded. While this is happening, explosions outside begin to send buildings toppling over, and Keem puts his hand to the window as if he’s longing to get out of his situation.

Finally, he leaves the room and wanders into a parking garage that is full of cars parked in the most unorganized, clustered way. After walking up to a car, he breaks the window, hops in, and begins to drive, although I’m not sure how he’s able to weave around this disorderly formation of cars scattered throughout the garage. As he zooms off, it seems like a slew of cars join him in his race to escape which ends up being too much for him as he ultimately drives off the edge of a level of the garage, sending him falling to his demise to round out the visual.

When it comes to most Baby Keem music videos, I need to watch them more than once to interpret the deeper meanings that they have. The same definitely goes for this one, because after even my second run-through, I walked away with an entirely different perspective than I did in my first watch. I don’t want to get into the symbolism or meanings because they’re pretty abstract and are often subjective, so I feel like my thoughts can be wildly different than another viewer’s or even Keem’s specific intentions as well, so I just highly suggest you check out the brand-new visual for “no sense” as soon as you can and try to figure out the deeper meanings throughout for yourself.