No Recognition – [Aaron May]

It has now taken me almost three weeks to fully process Houston-star Aaron May‘s newest EP in No Recognition. If anyone reading this is familiar with my work, my social media, or my music-streaming libraries, you’ll know how excited I was to hear this project.

I’m now roughly a dozen full listens through the seven-song EP, and the same question I’ve asked before still reigns prevalent: Why aren’t more people listening to Aaron May? Let’s dive into the project, and discover exactly why I’ll vouch for Aaron as a clear-cut, soon-to-be star. 


My favorite tracks;(01) “Time,” (05) “Last Time,” (04) “Break Bread,” (06) “Rush.”

Track 01: “Time”

“Time” is exactly what I would send to any acquaintances who hadn’t heard him before. It’s a blend of all aspects that make him different. A vocal sample on a cloudlike beat allows him to glide effortlessly while preaching real ideas and thoughts in his lyrics. These descriptive aspects could almost be copy and pasted through all of his work, but in combination with a crazy catchy hook, “Time” just feels different – like a hit song – that could be one to propel his name even further. 

Track 02: “No Recognition”

The lead single, “No Recognition” dropped with an accompanying video just three months ago, and it’s easy to see why this single led the charge. A bit more high-tempo, this one will have listeners rocking out with a little more energy than the other brilliant tracks. Highly recommend the visual too. 

Track 03: “How I am ft. Jay Millz”

I personally think Aaron should’ve gone featureless on this project, but I was pleasantly surprised by the combo of him and Jay Millz on this bouncy, catchy third track. 

Track 04: “Break Bread”

A top-three track on the EP, this one utilizes a high-pitch strings instrumental combined with keys that complement Aaron’s raspy but poetic delivery. What stands out to me about this track is that Aaron talks less about his pain and more about adversity, and how successful he’s been in dealing with it. Another flawless track, but one that feels different than most. 

Track 05: “Last Time”

“That’s fine, roll up, hit the wood just to pass time.”

This feel-good track is one I could listen to in just about any situation. It features a fantastic layered hook and some flow switch-ups from verse to verse that offers an exciting feel over a soothing guitar melody. Personally, it’s a toss-up between this track and “Time” for my favorite on the project.

Track 06: Rush ft. STARTHEONLY1NE

Alliteration, rhyme, and brilliant lyrical structure carry this song more than his others. A familiar synth melody drew me in, and the earworm that is Aaron’s humming and relaxed delivery kept me ’til the end. STARTHEONLY1NE provided a fantastic tonal switch-up from Aaron’s voice. 

Track 07: “I ain’t Worried”

A flawless conclusion, this masterpiece expels whatever’s left on Aaron’s chest. He spits messages of his journey and the surreal nature of the new life he lives as his music career continues to skyrocket. 

“And I ask for this, started getting wild so it’s time to figure out what I’m about.”


Back to my original question: Why aren’t more people listening to Aaron May?

You know, maybe this isn’t even the right way to ask the question, as people definitely ARE listening to him, with over 3M monthly listeners on Spotify. However, I still think there are avid hip-hop listeners who are missing out on this incredible talent. Nonetheless, I think the answer to this question may be a bit simpler than I’m making it out to be. The 21-year-old Texan is unsigned, purposefully, making his slow-grind rise to stardom just a bit steeper than the climb signed artists face. Nevertheless, May has used it to his advantage in ways that overnight sensations can’t claim. 

His fanbase is solid, with a foundation of returning listeners that have flooded his social media, visuals on YouTube, and continued to support him even through lags in project releases.

This foundation has made every release a successful one without trying and is exactly how many oblivious hip-hop listeners will hear about this upcoming star. 

Houston definitely has a problem on their hands, as Aaron May continues to project his career to limitless heights. 

Stream “No Recognition” below on Spotify.