No Reason – [Youth Basketball]

You know what would be absolutely perfect right about now? Taking a nice long drive down the coast with a group of friends on a nice and sunny Californian day. The feel of a gentle breeze combing its way through my hair, the heat from the sun tattooing itself onto my skin…sensations I didn’t even realize I was taking for granted until the world was forced into quarantine mode. Even though I can’t make this vision into a reality just yet, upcoming artist Youth Basketball sets up that road-trip ambiance to give us dreamers something to hold onto in his newest single “No Reason”. The Los Angeles native released the smooth indie single in conjunction with a lyric video that features a few retro clips of different people playing a nice game of pool. Both the video and the song’s cover art envelop this theme of billiards that is central to the message of the track. As Ian Kieffer—the man behind the Youth Basketball moniker—shared about the song: ‘No Reason’ is a song about how things just happen in life. How, to me, there’s no meaning,” Kieffer explains. “I liken life to when one ‘breaks’ in a game of pool. You hit the rack, the balls scatter, and whatever happens, happens. If you want to create your own meaning in the randomness, go ahead, but don’t pretend like you have the definitive answer.” “No Reason” is the third song to Kieffer’s entire discography, subsequently following his top streamed song, “Young Mother”. Both songs give platforms to thoughtful melodies and beautifully woven sound palettes that have a unique power to incite a plethora of high spirited emotions within listeners. As a kid, Kieffer grew up in a household bearing an eclectic music taste. He was listening to everything from 70’s singer/songwriter jams to those one-of-a-kind 90’s hip-hop bops. All of that being said, it’s clear the young creative utilizes his wide-ranging musical tastes to influence his extraordinary sound.


So, need an escape from home? Let Youth Basketball help you out. Listen to “No Reason” below: