No More Jerseys – [Jose Franco] Ft. [Lil Chevy] x [Big Body Fiji] x [Stunnaman Stacks]

The Decent Militia is looking to be the break out collective of the summer. With the front runner and ring leader Big Body Fiji leading the way, every member that’s a part of this collective has the talent, sound, and image to open people’s eyes and ears to a new wave of music. The latest example of a group effort came in the form of a song entitled “No More Jerseys.” With Jose Franco at the top of the order, his deep voice and lyrical talent drives another great verse, which came as no surprise to me. Lil Chevy comes in second, adds his unique persona to this slapper, and reps the Decent Militia throughout his whole verse. Fiji comes in next, and adds his own explosive yet nonchalant style, which adds a whole new element to this track. Last but not least, Stunnaman Stacks doesn’t actually rap, but drops off an important and explicit last Message to anyone who isn’t decent. I can see the Decent Militia continuously improving and putting out more content for the long haul. While we wait and see what trick they have up their sleeves next, get decent with their latest track “No More Jerseys.”

words by Danny Adams