No Mercy – [Raff Alpha]

Baltimore, Maryland native and Project FILO artist Raff Alpha returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an intense banger of a track entitled “No Mercy.” Despite possessing the nickname ‘Young Buddha,’ Alpha once more demonstrates that he has no problem deviating from his usual levels of calm when challenged. Lately feeling that people are sleeping on him, Raff’s flow is breathless and merciless as each lyric is rapped so intensely that listeners must make efforts to keep up. While this track certainly has a more modern rap sound compared to his typical catalog, standard levels of authenticity are maintained to emphasize genuine expression. In the most unique sense, “No Mercy” is an aggressive song due to its pacing, but the violence isn’t demonstrated lyrically. Similar to how water can both be plentiful and destructive, Raff Alpha reminds the world of his ability to flip the chaos switch when necessary. Listen to the record below!