No Love – [Kalan.FrFr] ft. [Mozzy]

Up until recently, I was completely oblivious of the music that Kalan.FrFr was making. I would see his name every now and then and because I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce it, I kind of just passed on by him. Due to my ignorance, I realized I was missing out on some of the best music coming out of the West Coast, and I also found out that his name’s actually pronounced Kalan for real for real. Luckily, I tuned in before it was too late and he even just released a brand-new project entitled TwoFr 2 which includes 13 songs that run just about 45 minutes long, and it’s another look at this artist and his abundance of skills.

While I want to listen to the tape a bit more before going into too much detail considering I wouldn’t be able to do it justice right now, he decided to drop off a new Blayr Jimmerson-directed music video for one of the best songs off of the project called “No Love” which features Sacramento legend Mozzy. We are introduced to a reoccurring setting right off the bat which is a dark room that Kalan and Mozzy find themselves in throughout, and the only light that is illuminating the scene comes in the form of beams glaring through the miniature windows as it emphasizes the minuscule amount of smoke in the air, creating this intriguing and appealing prism effect of some sort.

Next up, we’re taken to various different scenes including a drug ring of some sort, a car that Kalan drives around with Mozzy in the passenger seat, and a street corner where Kalan’s posse backs him up and vibes out with him as he spits his bars. When Mozzy comes in, it turns out that the smoke in the opening scene comes from him as he hits his blunt and blows out clouds of smoke that engulf the scene, acting as a sort of natural effect rather than one that was edited in later.

Overall, this music video is extremely clean and well put together. There might not be any wild animations, effects, or events that happen throughout, but I respect and enjoy that aspect because it doesn’t distract from Kalan’s incredible voice, so he truly shines more than I even imagined. As for the Compton native himself, he has thoroughly impressed me ever since I found out about him and actually tuned in because not only does he have the remarkable voice of a singer, but he also has the unteachable dexterity to switch up in the blink of an eye and begin rapping in such a professional, effortless fashion that he could go toe to toe with the best of them. Whether you’re familiar with Kalan.FrFr or not, make sure you tune into his new music video for his song “No Love”, and if (when) you vibe with it, be sure to check out the rest of his project here.