No House Parties (Stay Inside) – [MEECH] ft. [Luke Bar$]

While the title of the song is often just whatever lyric takes up the bulk of the chorus, I believe that it’s far more important than anyone gives the title credit for. Not only is the name of a song a preview as to what idea the song communicates, but further, it’s a chance for the listener to think about the connotation of the name and what the artist’s mindset was when creating it. Here to speak to this function, Brockton, MA artist MEECH and Luke Bar$ are here with a brand new single, “No House Parties (Stay Inside)”.

The reason that I mention the title of this song is that although it is comprised of the chorus’ central lyric, this one goes far beyond the surface, speaking to the reflection and overall thoughtfulness that each of the two emcees put into this one. One verse after another, they explain the exogenous elements of life that determine the way we think and behave, pointing to notions such as love, violence, friendship, and ambition to explain why they’re not heading out to any house parties.

In such a way, “No House Parties (Stay Inside)” is one of the best lyrical performances we’ve heard from MEECH and Bar$ to date. These two rising talents are amongst those leading the charge out of Massachusetts right now, and atop a supply of breezy, ever-so-smooth production, they definitely did their thing on the latest single. Stream “No House Parties (Stay Inside)” below:

Produced by Emani Beats