No Hook – [Kali]

Kali is a rapper from southwestern Florida who has a debut single and dance challenge that’s out that may pop off soon entitled “No Hook.” We’re finally at a point where there are more women being heard and having a voice in rap, and in 2019, it looks like this year will only spawn more women rappers that derive from different styles and backgrounds. Even though Kali didn’t really start taking music seriously until the end of 2018, “No Hook” shows the potential that lies within her. It’s crazy because I can actually see this track blowing up thanks to virality with its challenge on platforms such as Tik Tok, Thriller, or Musically. The “No Hook” visuals are directed by fellow Floridian Josh Hall who captures Kali taking in the state fair with her girl posse.

Watch the video for Kali’s for “No Hook” below.