No Handoutz – [Internet Money] ft. [Yeat]

I have written extensively about how influential Internet Money is as a collective, because not only do they pretty much set the standard for what the new generation of music most likely sounds like, but they’re really one of the first producer-first collectives that have made it to the level that they’re at. They innovate inside the studio and out, and they work with some of the most promising up-and-coming artists in the entire world while also maintaining relationships with massive superstars who have already solidified their spot in the hip-hop industry.

I just love seeing them bring artists of different levels together, and this is one of the main reasons why their debut album was so beyond compelling to me, but since it was just their beginning, I think that other albums are sure to be a treat, and I certainly hope we get a new project as soon as possible. On the other hand, Yeat is an artist who has been seeing his success rates absolutely skyrocket, and considering he has grown to be one of my own personal favorite artists out at the moment, the decision to tap in with the song “No Handoutz” was as easy of a choice as ever.

Produced by Rio Leyva, Taz Taylor, and even some assistance from Yeat himself, they give the emcee a comfortable foundation that he’s familiar with full of powerful 808s, electrified synths, and pungent bells. Yeat takes the baton and runs with it, incorporating his insane energy and consistently entertaining ad-libs every chance he gets. This isn’t the first time the collective and the rising star have worked together considering they produced his song “Luv money” featuring Lancey Foux off of his latest album extension 2 Alivë (Geëk Pack), but everything they make together ends up being a hit, so you already know you’re in for a treat with “No Handoutz”.