No Fun – [Piwa]

“The ‘No Fun’ video is about an uncomfortable trip to the dentist that tells the story of change. It is about breaking social expectations of what people expect Piwa; an African artist living in America to make, the dentist figures in the video representing the whitewashing of people to make them uniform with brutal tactics. But this process gets disrupted through Piwa’s revolution and refusal to join this end game. After rejecting this fate, she finds herself happier than ever to take on her own identity”

Chicago’s own Piwa returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a creative new song and visual titled “No Fun.” Accompanied with a cinematically thrilling Aj Incammicia directed visual, the song title is ironic considering the track’s conceptual cleverness. Sonically the record contains a versatile mix of alt-indie and/or rock-rap; the variety in Piwa’s lyrical expression mirrors the music video’s intense qualities. Moreover, the visual component makes it easier to digest the ambiguity of the song’s deeply layered messaging. The eerie scene of Piwa being held down by dentists reminds me of the procedure in Jordan Peele’s Get Out; both moments reflect attempts of whitewashing before an eventual breakthrough escape. Overall, “No Fun” is much more than a musical offering; it’s a brilliant short film encouraging its listeners and viewers to think to fully grasp the artist’s ideas. Peep “No Fun” by Piwa below!


Credits: Mickey Wozniak, Nino Incammicia, Patty Loessberg, and Zoetic Music Management