No Debate / Big Smoke – [21 Savage]

Some artists in this industry have had to grind and work relentlessly to get the recognition that they do while others seem to have just gotten lucky and been in the right place at the right time. The latter is something that is common in Atlanta because of just how many superstars hail from the Georgia capital who can come across your music by random chance, but that just makes these emcees step up their game in order to live up to their expectations. When talking about 21 Savage, though, he worked as hard as anyone else in order to solidify a name for himself in the music industry, and the rest has been history after some of the immense moments he has experienced throughout his career.

While none of these accomplishments can go overshadowed, 21 still knows that he needs to keep up with demand and put out more and more music for fans to enjoy, so when he dropped his two-part record “No Debate” and “Big Smoke” on the last day of 2021 as well as a Marko Steez-directed music video for both tracks, it got me excited to see what else he has up his sleeve moving into the new year.

The first song is produced by Cardo Got Wings and Deats who combine some emotive piano keys with tapping hats and claps as well as spread apart, pungent 808s. Here, 21 gets much more candid with his narrative, sharing some stories of the warfare he experienced growing up in the streets while also heavily discussing the people who are loyal to him as well as calling out posers and fake individuals.

Things definitely pick up in the second track “Big Smoke” which is produced by Sg Kid Hazel who utilizes much more dark and sinister piano chords alongside chattering percussion and punchy drums that are much more akin to 21’s sound. The divide between the first and second song is clear because 21 seems to put on another hat, getting much more menacing and assertive with his nonchalant yet violent delivery that is as captivating as ever. 21 Savage is an artist who is never going to go by the wayside regardless of what he drops, but don’t just take my word that “No Debate” and “Big Smoke” are awesome tracks, check them out for yourself and see what you think as well.