No Complaint – [Jakk Da Rhymer]

There are many artists out there who have a lot to say, which is why they pour all of themselves into their music; but the artist who is featuring on Lyrical Lemonade today is someone who not only has something to say musically, but simply a voice and perspective that deserves to be heard by many outlets.

If you haven’t heard of Jakk Da Rhymer, then I pray today is the last day that you’ll be able to say that. I’ve spent a lot of my writing career hopping on the phone with artists and not many left an impression on me in the way Jakk did. The rapper who is a Flatbush, Brooklyn native explained to me that he grew up in the late 90’s/early 2000’s hip hop scene with his late brother/best friend Capital Steez. Running with a guy like Capital, Jakk explained that the two of them were just trying to “be good”. That’s extremely profound to not only myself but to other artists out there who refuse to live and create in mediocrity. Jakk grasped this concept early on. 

One aspect that makes Jakk, Jakk is the fact that he feeds off of collaborating with other artists. His journey in music was never solely centered around the music, but more so the community and personal connection it brings as well. He spent his college years in Philadelphia at Temple University where he continuously linked with different people from different cultures; which ultimately led to him forming his own form of a collective called Dark Chip Syndicate (DCS). The connectivity that music brings is what Jakk loved the most, as he explained that “I almost walked away from music altogether, but when you meet people who touch you, you can’t deny that some divine shit is going on.” 

After hearing Jakk’s music, you’ll be extremely grateful that he continued creating art. I got the chance to listen to one of Jakk’s latest songs entitled “No Complaint” and its truly a triumph in every way. The rapper has mastered his style and lyrical delivery which exudes an unmatched confidence that I don’t see in most. The production by Jxrdvn is truly spectacular as well. I would simply post the spotify link down below, but Jakk and his team also dropped a music video for the track and it definitely adds some flare to the whole entire song itself.

If you want to peep the music video for Jakk Da Rhymer’s “No Complaint”, here is your chance! Give it a watch and let us know what you think!